Joe Fredlich

Joe Fredlich
Owner & President

Joe is the Owner and President of Décor and represents the third generation of Fredlichs to head up this family-run business. After two generations of selling furniture, Joe and his father took the industry leap to the jewelry business.

In his own words:

"Some people find it unusual that we have a furniture and jewelry store all under the same roof. To us, it was a natural progression. The furniture business put us in clients’ homes. We built deep lifelong relationships helping customers choose the furniture their family would be raised with, the dining room where they had holiday dinners, the sectional where they watched Forrest Gump, and the mattress that the morning found crowded with children and animals.

Like furniture, jewelry is an intimate family purchase that will also pass to the next generation, one that the children will always associate with Mom and Dad. We got the rare opportunity to be there in the beginning with the purchase of the engagement ring to the first bedroom set, and now we’re seeing the second generation of clients come through our doors. Customer service and cutting edge fashion are what separate us from the competition.

I believe the jeweler where you buy your engagement ring will be your jeweler for life."

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