Anniversary Gift Ideas

September 20, 2018

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Anniversaries are special milestones to celebrate! Traditional anniversary gifts, such as paper for the 1st anniversary & wood for the 5th anniversary are common, but did you know there is also a gemstone and/or precious metal associated with each anniversary year too?

1st - Gold Jewelry

2nd - Garnet

3rd - Pearl

4th - Blue Topaz

5th - Sapphire

6th - Amethyst

7th - Onyx

8th - Tourmaline

9th - Lapis

10th - Diamonds

11th - Turquoise or Fashion Jewelry

12th - Jade or Pearl

13th - Citrine

14th - Opal or Gold Jewelry

15th - Ruby or Watches

20th - Peridot or Platinum

25th - Silver Jubilee

30th - Pearl Jubilee or Diamonds

35th - Emerald or Jade

40th - Ruby

45th - Sapphire

50th - Golden Jubilee

55th - Alexandrite or Emerald

60th - Diamond Jubilee

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