Joe Discusses Online Jewelry Shopping

September 25, 2017

When shopping for the perfect diamond there is absolutely no substitute for seeing it sparkle in person. Certificates and/or lab grades can only communicate some characteristics. Stones can have identical grades, yet the location of the imperfections is entirely different. Buying diamonds "sight unseen" is risky because you really don't know what you are going to receive.

"Diamond buying is done by comparison and looking at one stone at a time takes time," says Joe Fredlich, Owner of Decor Interiors & Jewelry. "I see diamonds with identical color, cut, clarity, and carat weight that do not have the same brilliance & scintillation."

This becomes obvious after seeing the long lists of diamonds available online, with identical grades but drastically different prices. Many online diamond retailers simply upload an electronic list of available stones without ever seeing them, much less providing any sort of quality control. Online retailers also throw around terms such as ideal, signature ideal, true hearts, which can be very misleading and are not recognized by GIA, the industry's undisputed authority in diamond grading. At Decor, every single diamond has been hand selected by Joe and our dedicated staff to ensure you get the best value for your money! View our hand selected diamond inventory here. Here, you have the luxury of comparing diamonds side by side, so you can see their differences and make an informed decision.

Service After the Sale

It's not over once you've purchased the perfect diamond ring. Many online consumers fail to consider future maintenance, repair work, and general cleaning - "after the sale services." These are all very important with fine jewelry - and at Decor, we give you a lifetime warranty which covers most of these. You can read more about our Lifetime Commitment here. Usually within the first few years of daily wear, a stone will need tightening or some form of general maintenance. In fact, we recommend having your rings checked twice a year in order to prevent any major issues from arising. When you purchase online, where do you go when these needs arise? Many online retailers suggest you ship your ring to them for maintenance or repair work - which is costly and increases your risk of loss or damage. Even basic warranty work or something as simple as a finger size adjustment has to go through the expensive and complicated process of being shipped back and forth. Avoid the hassle by shopping with us and taking advantage of our in store services. When it comes time to upgrade or trade in your ring for any reason, we offer the most liberal policy in our industry, giving you 100% of your original diamond's purchase price as a credit! 

For example, Joe recently had a client with very specific color and clarity specifications - "I had to reach out to the diamond market and purchase this extremely rare diamond - a stone that I nor most jewelers would buy for inventory. Less than a year later, she changed her mind and decided she preferred carat weight over clarity. We gladly gave her full credit towards the new diamond."

Whether one or ten years later-whenever you decide its time to upgrade, we give you 100% of your original diamond's purchase price as a credit towards another diamond or piece of jewelry of equal or greater value, making our trade in policy the most liberal in the industry. Read more about our unique Lifetime Trade In Privilege here. The typical jewelry trade in policy requires you to double your original investment, which can end up being very expensive and not a realistic option if you simply want a small upgrade. So come to Decor & let us help you find the best value for your money and take care of your ring for years to come.


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